About Us

Angels of the Force Ministry was started by Master Jedi Reverend Robert Souder and Rev. Christopher Shirk to help them come to grips with events in their lives as well as helping any one who came to them for advice. A.F.M. is a way for Master Souder and Rev. Shirk to give back to their communities and make a better world for future generations.

Angels of the Force Ministry Pastors are not interested in "shoving" their religion or beliefs systems on others, but instead simply wish to educate others and to dispel the negativity and disbeliefs about them.  Our Ministers give "Talks" not sermons and encourage a respectful and informative exchange of idea's during said Talks. 

All religions are welcomed and encouraged to represent themselves, one does not need to be an ordained minister to educate others about your beliefs. If anyone is interested in speaking about their beliefs, please feel free to see one of our Pastors and they will happily give you time during one of our regularly scheduled Talks.

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