Our Ministers

Angels of the Force Ministries Pastors are normal human beings with real feelings and emotions who experience trials and tribulations in their lives, they do not claim to be perfect or above anyone else. Our Pastors have the same wants and desires as any person off the street has. Our Pastors use their faith as a guideline for their lives, and because it helped them they chose to share their believes with everyone.

                Memorial for Randy Price 2013

Master Jedi Reverend Robert Souder

Master Souder has been ordained since June 14, 2011 and has been licensed to perform marriages by the State of Ohio since April of 2013. Master Souder has been married to his wife Katrina since 1996 and has two lovely young daughters, Sierra and Delenn.  In 2011 Sierra was diagnosed with Autism Spectral Disorder, this along with several other events in his life sent Master Souder on a spiritual journey. During which he talked to several representatives of their particular religious beliefs and could not find one that gave him the answers and inner peace he needed and desired.  As a joke by a friend he looked into Jedism, and found it to give him the peace he was seeking.  He has been practicing ever since, though he is a Master, he knows one must never stop learning. Master Souder continues to learn about other spiritual and religious beliefs so that with this knowledge he can become closer to the Force.

Master Souder has also been a science fiction fan for all of his life, participating in several Star Trek fan groups, attending conventions and various Sci Fi events through out Columbus. Because of this and the respect he has gained by them ,Star base Columbus asked him to become their official Chaplain in 2013, which he gladly accepted and now MC's the majority of the events that happen there.

Reverend Christopher Shirk
Assistant Pastor

Rev. Shirk follows his own mixture of Native American and Christian beliefs that have gotten him through several hard times in his life. Rev. Shirk and Master Souder have been friends for almost 20 years and share the love of family and friends as well as wanting to improve the world, or their small piece of it.This was his motivation for Co-Founding Angels of the Force. Rev. Shirk was ordained August 12, 2012 to better facilitate this.  He has been interested in Sci Fi most of his life and is an avid participant. 

All pastors have been officially ordained via the Universal Life Church and have been ordained for life and are entitled to perform those ministerial services they have been properly licensed to do.

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