Monday, February 24, 2014

A few more random thoughts on Love

I cannot understand why some people are closed minded when it comes to LOVE.  Who says Love has to be just between two people? Why not three? Or three hundred? No one! I've said it before Love is a basic human emotion.  Why then do we in general think that Love should just be kept between a couple?

The Mormons of old practiced Polygamy, one man having several wives. There are people today who practice Polyamory, literally translated "Many Loves" and they are frown upon by society! I find this extremely disheartening that they are being looked down upon, just because they practice Love.

If done right nothing is wrong with Love. We need more Love in the world, then maybe we wouldn't have such civil unrest in the world.  Many people say that "if only more people believed and followed the word of God, there would be less unrest in the world." I disagree, more people have been KILLED IN THE NAME OF GOD, than in any major war the world has had!

Please, spread more Love in the world. After all like a wise man once said...." ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!"

As always, may the Force be with you all.

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