Thursday, February 27, 2014

Get a life.

First off I would like to say nice job to Arizona's Governor for vetoing bill 1062 yesterday, well done! I would also like to say smart move to the Ohio House for removing a similar bill from their  agenda yesterday as well.

Now, something that I cannot understand is how rediculous people are at times.  I was watching TV earlier and the show I was watching had a little girl on age 9 who has a passion for baking. She baked cupcakes, rather good looking and well designed cupcakes at that, for everyone! After taking some cupcakes to her Grandmother at a nursing home, someone send a picture of them to the paper and got an article in the paper. After that the little girl had people asking her to make cupcakes for them, so she starting to sell them. 

Well, some body got a bug in their bum about it and turned her in to the Health Dept. and they shut her down! This after a couple of years ago a little girl in Florida had a lemonade stand that was shut down by the police after someone complained that she didn't have a VENDORS LICENSE! Are you serious people????  Is this the message that we want to send our children? The message that you must be licensed to have a dream? You have to follow state code to persue your passion?

These children did nothing but want to help society and maybe make a couple of extra bucks to buy a new bike or toy or something and were told they can't do it because other people didn't like the way they did it!  What does that tell them? What does that tell them about the world? That is is ok to have a dream, but don't get in anybodies way? Reach for the stars and follow your passion, but make sure you do it within state code??  Pathetic.

Let kids be kids people! It's bad enough they have to live in a world where they could be snatched up at a moments notice, or beaten to death and whatever else their is bad in the world. Let them have their dreams, let them follow their hearts and reach for the stars! Next time you see a little one on the side of the street with a lemonade stand, stop and buy a cup or even the whole pitcher if it's good, but just let them know that not every one is bad and not everyone will try to keep them down.

Inspire and Guide our children!  May the Force be with you all.

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