Monday, May 19, 2014

People with Special Needs

There are those among us and some religions that say people with Special Needs are "Broken" or "Defective." I say they can't be more wrong! I give you my daughters Special Olympics Gymnastics Team.  They competed in a meet yesterday along with my daughter, which was her first meet, and you could see the drive and determination on all the athlete's faces! These young men and women showed the same if not more desire than those competing in the Olympics themselves!  Each athlete so determined to do the best they could in each event. Every one of them supporting the other as if their lives depended on it! Everyone shared victories and personal bests and everyone shared in the losses. 

To say that these Athlete's are broken or defective is a huge disgrace to them and to the sport in which they love and compete! Her team brought in almost 30 ribbons, with my daughter bringing in 5 herself.  Are they defective, no. Are they broken, Hell no! I could not be more proud of my daughter and her team than if I won them myself!

Think of this the next time you see someone with Special Needs. They just might be a world class athlete. 

As always, may the Force be with you.

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