Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What some Minisiters and Congregations forget.

Speaking as a Minister, I find it funny that people tend to forget that I am also a man and human being. By this I mean that my friends tend to forget that I have the same drives and desires that I have always had. I still appreciate the nude female form, I still appreciate the feeling of my lovers body next to me during moments of intimacy and I enjoy a good raunchy joke!

Just because I am a Minister, doesn't mean I stopped being who I am and was to begin with, I have just chosen a loftier goal in life. In my opinion many other of my fellow Ministers have forgotten that as well! They tend to believe that since they are teaching and preaching the word of God, then they themselves must become Godlike. I disagree with that entirely! God id about forgiveness, and if we still love God and worship him and ask for forgiveness he will grant it no matter how we act. Hell there are murderers on death row who have been saved!

Just remember, the next time you talk with your Minister, tell him a good raunchy joke he'll appreciate it, even if he doesn't act like it!

As always, may the Force be with you.

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