Thursday, March 20, 2014

A man's world?

I keep hearing about how this is a man's world and a woman can't do anything in this world. I ask you to rethink this. Allow me to relate a few things to you. First a few movie quotes that prove this wrong...from the movie "The Crow"....."Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of small children."  Secondly, from Men in Black II  "With the right set of mammary glands you can run this planet." Need more proof? The allow me to paraphrase a story from Mr. Bill Cosby.

"A man has a son whom he is most proud of. The man teaches son football, the son is good at football. Son plays all through High School, get a scholarship to a college for football, get drafted by the NFL. Son plays in his first big game for NFL, makes a run down the field for a 90 yard TD run, gets into the endzone, makes the game winning score the camera's are all in his face and what does he say.......HI MOM!!!!"

Women are more highly regarded than they give themselves credit for. My wife for instance, is one of the strongest women I know, not only for what she has been through in a previous abusive marriage, but also for putting up with my dumb ass for 17 years! She didn't leave me at times I would have left myself.

So I ask you again, is this truly a man's world? Think about it and give me your answer.

As always, may the Force be with you all.

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